Working steps

Even though every intranet is different, there are comparable work steps. A typical project proceeds as follows. First Sandra gets an overview. The focus is on the content and the following questions are key: 

  • Is the content up-to-date and relevant? 
  • What should be redesigned? 
  • Are new categories needed and if so, which ones? 
  • How can the workflow be optimized to facilitate additional work for the content managers, such as revising content?


All content is collected and displayed on a visual map (a map of the intranet). This makes the (in)depths visible and the next step follows: Tidying up the intranet à la Marie Kondo - the customer says "what can go away, what stays".


From here it goes on to rebuild and this starts with a restructuring, of course based on the customer's specifications. A recurring and central theme is the search. Sandra helps to create taxonomies and keywords that are understandable. The working environment of the respective customer is always taken into account, as well as the ease of use for content managers who fill the intranet with content. Sandra offers tailor-made training for these managers. The last step before the customers go it alone: external support for content quality checks and content translations.


Sandra works with all common project management tools, uses Microsoft Visio and MS Project for content audits and has, among others, good knowledge in CMS systems like SharePoint or Confluence.