Communicating with transparency and integrity is key for internal communication.

A well-designed intranet has many advantages. 

Starting with efficiency - it saves a lot of inquiries - up to the increase of loyalty - see Employer Branding.


Many thousands of documents, especially from the areas of human resources, IT, finance and legal, are available for use on the intranet. In addition, there are countless articles on a wide variety of topics. The problem is that intranets are neglected by both operators and employees. Either because they were badly set up from the start or because they become littered with rubbish over time. 


There are many reasons for this: The management of the intranet is usually the responsibility of several people, but only as a sideline. Often these part-time intranet support staff come from different departments such as Communications or Human Resources. In practice, this means: nobody is really responsible. If articles have been written by the management, they are not deleted out of false consideration, even if they are already hopelessly outdated.

An updated, well-structured and lively intranet contributes significantly to the productivity of the company. Thus, the intranet becomes the linchpin of internal communication, making it transparent and up-to-date. This enables cooperation within the company at eye level. 

Solution - an Intranet from scratch?

It does not require the entire intranet to be reprogrammed. However, content must be evaluated and removed if necessary. This task requires a lot of experience and sensitivity and often cannot be implemented internally for various reasons. 

External specialists can approach the topic with a fresh view from the outside and without being bound by company policy. Such Intranet Consultants are already widespread in the Anglo-Saxon world, but in Europe they still play a comparatively new role. They work at the interface of technology and content and help companies and digital agencies to revamp the intranet.

About me

My name is Sandra Garcia, I am an Intranet Consultant and have been supporting companies and institutions such as Daimler, EU Commission and Europol for over a decade, helping them to structure their respective intranets in a user-friendly way and thus make them usable in the first place. I gained my experience as an employee, but since 2019 I offer my services as a freelance Intranet Consultant to all those who value a useful Intranet. 


Whether digital agencies, who want to create added-value for their customers in addition to the technical implementation, or direct customers, who want to have a partner at their side to accompany the new start. Every intranet is different and a solid and accurate inventory is a central prerequisite for a successful conversion.